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Interview to Ivo Amadeus Reis, Portugal


1. What is the time of day you like best?

The time of day I like the most is when I’m with my team (dPigs Design Studio) working. The part of the brainstorming process and work is fantastic.

2. What kind of music do you listen to?

In musical terms, I consider myself very liberal, love to hear a bit of everything which has fine quality. Especially I like to listen to is Progressive Rock / Psychedelic, Pink Foyd / Tame Impala / Yes / Portugal. The Man …


3. Please list five features via any media you tune in regularly.

I’m always trying to learn, about design, politics, sport … Big part of my day is trying to understand more about my work, I am always researching design. Internet, TV, Books, Newsletters (I constantly receive newsletters on my email), Talking with people (perhaps the best way to learn more).


4. How would you describe your style?

It is a difficult question. I’ve been described as bizarre, because of my illustration, but I no longer see myself in that word. At the moment I try to reconcile, as possible, the design with the illustration, I can not draw without thinking in a context behind the piece, I need all the graphics together with the illustration.

5. Are there any designers / artists / architects of the past whose work you admire?

Yes of course, everyone has their idols. Quite admire all the graphic work of Saul Bass, Paula Scher, and master Dieter Rams. In terms of illustration / urban intervention, really like Gerald Scarfe, Shepard Farey, Supakitch and The Weird Crew (they are awesome).


6. Describe a typical working day.

My work day does not begin too early, meeting my friends and coworkers (dPigs Design Studio) around 10 am, we have breakfast and then immediately start working (after going to check email and visit social networks) . Throughout the day we listen a lot of music, we’re always playing (we were not we a team of creative) and receive many visits from friends.


7. What would your dream job be like?

I do not have a dream job, I love what I do and all the jobs that appear are good to evolve, but if I had a good job would be one that could create new graphic forms, together with designer products for the brand of my studio (dPigs Design Studio).

8. Is there someone you would like to work?

Yes of course, a big dream would be to work with Gerald Scarfe, is a great artist who I admire greatly, but also loved to work on something with White Studio (they are a great design studio based in Oporto) and of course to work with Stefan Sagmeister (I think many people would love to).

O Poderposter A3 4

9. Can you recommend some of your favorite books?

I’m not keen on reading a book from beginning to end, I’m always reading parts of the book, taking ideas here and there, but there are some books that I really like.

“The Making of Pink Floyd The Wall – paperback version” (is fantastic, I highly recommend this book).

“Dieter Rams: The Little Design as Possible”.

The don-01

10. What do you expect for the future?

In the future I hope to collect the fruit of my work, set up a studio with all materials and machines that I want; that is something I would love.


Ivo Amadeus Reis


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