International collaborative project based on the surrealist game 'exquisite corpse'. Joins us!

The Exhibition

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Ever since ‘Exquisite Collective’ project was born, we have had the intention of setting up an exhibition featuring all the contributions to it. It is our mission to help further Art, Illustration and Design as disciplines, and thus enabling the exchange and interaction across countries and cultures. Thanks to the generous support of each of our participants, this dream we initially had, started to grow more and more each day –and hopefully, will continue to do so.

Opening evening. After months of looking for the right place, we came up with Espacio Cabrera, an emerging space in Palermo district (which is the most popular “Arts and Design” area of Buenos Aires). This is where our first exhibition took place last July, showing our 50 first contributions from over 20 different countries, with Heroinax Live VJ set and an illustration workshop by Argentinian talented Vero Gatti.

We would like to thank our sponsors and media partners for their inconditional support: DGCV, Cultra, Seba Krapp Photo, LED Lounge, Vero Gatti,  Muplox, and also Tati, Serge, Naty, Sol and Valeria. More exhibition plans for 2013, so stay tuned!

Stephanie Helou

Founder & General Director at Exquisite Collective


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